Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Seneca Falls Caches and our first hide.

We visited Seneca Falls NY to visit family recently but in some of the down moments we got a chance to do some caching. We even got to hide our very first cache.
A Tribute to our Veterans
The first cache we found, we have been scoping out ever since we thought about getting a GPS and learned about Geocaching. We new basically where this Cache would be hidden and even looked for it. The park where this cache is located is a nice little park in the center of Seneca Falls right next to what was the old High School. They have even put out little stations for disposing of our waste, Very Nice!
We frequently walked by this park wondering if we would be able to find the cache hidden here. Finally we had our chance.
We had a busy week enjoying the Cottage on Cayuga lake and then we went to stay with family where we were cooped up indoors too much. So Josh took us out for a walk on a whim, and we brought the GPS. We figured that the cache was hidden on the cannon from the first time we learned there was a cache in this park. But it took a little time and we did use the hint which led us right too it! Thanks for the Cache MaMa Bear. Expect us to be after other caches you have hidden in the Seneca Falls, Auburn and the rest of the Finger Lakes since we visit often.

A Chance Encounter.
We encountered these ladies on many of our walks in SF as well. This is another nice little area that SF has done a great job at making welcome for dogs. The only problem is how close this is too the street. But it is a great photo-op. We are two confident strong willed girls that were happy to pose with these great ladies. Now for a little history
In May 1851, there was a chance encounter on the streets of Seneca Falls, which forever altered the struggle of Women's Rights. Amelia Jenks Bloomer introduced Susan B. Anthony to Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The friendship that was forged between Stanton and Anthony gave direction and momentum to the seventy-two year struggle for womens suffrage which culminated on August 26, 1920 in the passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution. Neither woman lived to see this happen.
Our owner when to Elizabeth Cady Staton Middle School in Seneca Falls and has also helped with the 150th anniversary woman's rights festivities that occured in SF.
This is a great place for a cache and again we thank MaMa Bear for providing us with some entertainment, education and exercise when we visit SF.

Our First Hide... First Cache for Linnaea
Although Linnaea is a little too young to be helping us with caching we thought that since she was baptized in this little country church that it would be a great place to hide a cache in her honor. We have never done this before and have been planning to for some time!
We decided to use an old plastic water bottle that Josh doesn't use anymore because of the BPTs. Do you think that this is a great recycling use for wide mouth plastic water bottles?
There was a great place to hide the cache at this church that makes it a wonderful quick grab for people passing through. We just hope that no one interrupts a church service to find it.
We thought about hiding the cache in the Cemetary but we didn't have a magnetic cache container or a good way to camouflage our container. But the handicap access ramp worked beautifully. We hope that many people come to visit this cache and enjoy the Beauty of the Central NY area.
Enjoy! Thanks for Reading!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Catching Up on Caches

The past several months have brought a big change into our home, so our blog has not been updated in a while.
We now have a new partner in crime Linnaea Joy Kraus is the new daughter of Marika and Josh. Eventually she will get out and Geocache with us. But right now we can't even show a picture of us with her because we really want to give her a good doggy tongue bath anytime she comes near us.
Now to complete last summers list of caches found and fill you in on the only cache found so far this year. It has been a little busy and Josh hasn't gotten us on the trail, and to top it all off Coralee had 9 puppies in February and wasn't feeling very up to wandering around to find caches this past year. But she is feeling herself again and ready to go out and hunt for some more! For pictures of the puppies follow the links on the side of this page. CNSAND Pwds Blog and meet the family.

Before Josh and Family left England last year a few caches were found in our name. If turns out our grandfather Stephen Beals is pretty good at finding caches.

Bournemouth Caches

Josh and family stayed in a beach resort area in Bournemouth, England. Three caches were found in Bournemouth. The first was called "I see no ships". This is where Mr. Beals first showed his skill at finding caches when after a few moments in the general vicinity of this find he simply put his hand right on it.
No ships were really to be seen.
After this cache Josh went off on his own to find the next cache, while the rest of the group rested in the Hotel. There was a pretty little park located along the ocean called Boscombe Chine Gardens. This cache was particularly well hidden along the side of the path after crossing the bridge.
A view from the bridge.

We can almost see the cache now. It was very well hidden but once the hint was read josh practically put his hand right on it.

There were two more cache found in Bournemouth one of them was along the ocean walk it was called the "Arty Railing". The other was near the shopping district called "The Only Street". I am pleased to say that Josh found the"Arty Railing" before anyone else did but Mr. Beals showed his skills with "The Only Street" putting his hand right on it the moment we came near.

Windsor Castle Cache
The group headed later headed off to Windsor and Eton. They saw Windsor castle and walked around Eton and yes tried to find some Geocaches. They tried for two caches and only found one. But they did see a Humped Zebra Crossing.
Here are two pictures of Mr. Beals in front of "Thames Path- Windsor bridge"
That is the Thames river behind him. Josh wishes he could have seen some crew shells.
There was a lady sitting here drawing a scene she probably thought that this group was incredibly strange as they searched around the railing for this cache. Josh and Mr. Beals tried for one more but after 30 minutes of beating around int he bush along the Thames river they gave up. :-(

One more cache was found in England right near Stonehenge.
This was our first Mystery cache. Now before you laugh this is the one and only time that Josh will probably ever appear on this page. This is his guest appearance. But we needed proof of our mystery cache.

Last cache of 2008-State Side.
With the school year started and winter looming and all the other events of the coming 10 months only a thought We headed out for a Cache that we had tried to find a long time ago and got stopped by Mosquitoes. Since it was now well into the fall and the air was cold at night the Mosquitoes were not a problem an more and we set out in the South Windsor Land Trust to find a cache.
Here we are in front of the find. Cora is not feels that there was more to find out here on the trails so she couldn't focus on the victory shot. Clearly you can see this cache. It was a fun find at the end of the year. We did expect to try to find more but life, school, puppies and a baby got in the way.

First Cache of 2009

With the women all a baby shower. Josh and Father and uncle set out to find a cache in RI along the Rails to trails, near Josh's parents house. We wandered around through two different developments trying to find the shortest way to the bike path and eventually with out a few ticks one us we found the cache. We picked up a neat little hand painted shell in this cache and left a caching pin. We did not expect the weather to be so hot this day and we drank all of our water quickly. Sorry for the lolling tongues.
Thank you for following along with our adventures. Please come back again and feel free to search the links at the side of this page. Bye for now. Maybe we will see you out caching... We are friendly!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Last Cache in Austria

J and M tried to find a few other caches in Austria but there were a few that there just wasn't time for. So in a last ditch effort as it started to get dark J, M, J's sister and Boyfriend went on a mission. After all there were Travel Bugs that had not found a new home yet.
They took a short drive to some castle ruins that are located near the house they were staying in. Based in the map on their GPS they thought the cache was located in the castle or on the edge of it. But upon reaching the castle and wandering through the ruins and visiting the stage it was clear that the cache was actually located well below the castle. They did not have Topographical maps of the area. Since the castle was way up on a hill they did not know that they could not get to the cache from there. Based on the picture above you actually could just barely make out the location of the cache. It was in the field below. it was located on the other side of a fence just about in the exact middle of this picture. They almost gave up when with a little bit of patience and sharp eyes in the fast approaching darkness they located pile of sticks on the other side of a fence. They had found their cache.
There was just barely enough room for all of the Travel bugs that they wanted to place but finally the PWD_vicarious Vacation I, PR bear, and Marty the party animal had a new home. On the way out of the field this was the view they had of the castle. If J had been given more time to take the shot it would have been even more clear but the other three were trying to get back to the car as it got very dark out.
We wish we could have been there to run around in the field. Maybe we even could have cashed on cows.
Thanks for reading. When we come back it will be about finding caches in England with the Beals. It turns out Mr. Beals is really good at finding micro caches.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Quick Vienna Micro.

Parlament (vormals:Euro 08 - Fanmeile Wien)
J and M were still in Vienna after watching a film performance of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra at Rathaus Platz. They could have been finding the bus to get to J's sisters flat for the night but they knew that a cache was near. It was very well camouflaged. And because there were a bunch of Muggles around J had to try to look inconspicuous. He noticed the lid to this cache. This Pic will give you a hint.
The parliment building across the street from this cache is an impressive building. There is lots of info about the parliment building at the geocaching site for this cache. Click on the picture to visit.
TFTC Glist and the family that orginally placed it.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Day of summer...Time for Hybernation.

No we don't let summer ending end our out door fun. But J does go back to school and that means less time to wander and adventure. This post will be about two caches. The second foreign cache found in Vienna and the recent cache Hybernation. I know the Hybernation is spelled wrong it wasn't me that is what the person called it.
J had his first day of work for the 2008-2009 school year on Monday and felt guilty about leaving us inside all day so thought he would come home and bring us out for one easy cache. Hybernation was a nice walk along the Blue and Orange trails on the westside of the Vernon Rails to Trails Near Valley falls park. We found this trail about a year ago in the winter and when we saw all of the mountain laurels we thought we need to make sure we come back in the spring when the Mountain Laurels are in bloom. We still havent been there for that but will need to go back in Spring of 2009.
The Cache certainly would be deceiving if you were to try to get to it from the Vernon Rail to Trails directly. The steep climb is what turned us off when we walked by before. The Blue Trail is the way to go. We wandered a little and didn't find any water; there were a couple of places that were almost caves! Here we are in-front of the "cave" that held this cache:Cora was hoping for some treats

Caching in Vienna!
Oh if we could have been in Europe... J, M and J's sister took the train into Vienna front Villach near where the stayed. The Cool thing about Austria is they love dogs almost as much as England. It seems that Europe in general loves their dogs. We actually could have riden the train with them. No restrictions saying dogs over 10 pounds have to be in crates. Here is a pictures the collie was waiting to get on the train...
and Jand M tell us that there was a dog "loose" on the train. They finally got into Vienna after a 4 hour ride through the Austrian countryside. Unfortunately they did not see many dogs in Vienna and we probably wouldn't have been allowed in the art museums or Opera Houses.
But J and M did find a cache next too this statue on the outside of Burg Theatre.
We learned that this cache disapeared less than a week after we found it. Oh well. There will be more stories to come.
Thanks for reading.

Friday, August 22, 2008

First Foreign Cache

We couldn't be there ":-( except in spirit as J and his sister found our first foreign cache. It was actually a really easy find. J's sister knew what wooden bridge was being referred to and led J and M right too it.
Here is J's sister at the cache. Even though it was a micro we managed to leave a couple calling cards. Hope someone out there is reading about our adventures!
After finding the cache they went on a 16 mile bike ride. It was exhausting because there were two choice up or downhill. The down was fine but everytime they went down they had to come back up. The bike ride was a good way to take in the Austrian countryside but not a good way to take pics though.
Enjoy and TFTC Rockmountain! We will be updating in the future with our other foreign caches.

Monday, August 18, 2008

M comes too and other adventure plans

We have been wanting M to come along with us for a while and she finally went out on a long walk. J was a little crazy though. The weather was hot and as it turns out the walk to this Cache was a lot longer than expected.
We started out with a short drive to Glastonbury and found the access trail into the land preserve. There are lots of great trails back here we are going to have to come back sometime when the weather is a little better for wandering.
We first tried to find the Yorah Tree spirit cache but after long search it was a DNF. We have since learned that it was moved a little and burried under duff. Thank You TofuTeam, we will have to go back for this one. The tree is really neat.
Back to the Cache. We were on the hunt for the Ruby Ridge Cache. I wish that we had brought a Geologist with us since the description says we could see rubies in the rocks, we didn't see any :-( It seemed that however far we walked the cache was always 500+ meters away. We seemed to be circling this cache. We did get to trapse through some streams though.
The cache could almost be seen in this picture except that we are in the way.Thanks for the Cache O2agrv8u. We had fun but you can tell by how far our tongues are hanging out it was a hot day. We almost had to pull M home as her boots were giving her blisters and she was very tired.

Bigger Adventures:
M and J were going to be heading over sees but not without bringing a little bit of us with them. We had been hunting around with J for over a month now finding caches and we wanted some foreign action. Before we left we assembled some Travel bugs to bring with us. Here they are:

First is our travel bug. The Caching_PWDs Vicarious Vacation. We want to see the world but it isn't so easy for us to travel over seas. This Travel bug has a simple mission and a more complex one. First see the world. But who doesn't want to do that. Second since SASE is from Sweden. Visit her home! The next two travel bugs are ones taht we picked up along our previous journeys.
The PR bear is a little teddy bear with the Puerto Rican Flag on it. It was especially cute since a little girl placed it and wants it to travel the world and send plenty of pictures. (We need to send her some more!). We new that this oversea journey was going to happen so we thought we should help this Travel Bug on it's way for the Young girl.Marty the Party Animal was our first Travel bug find we snatched it up fast and held onto it for way to long before we sent it on it's way. Marty has already been on quite a journey after it started in New Zealand.

We are going to update our foreign caches soon even though we could only be there in spirit. Thanks for Reading and if you want to learn more about the M and J's overseas trip check the Experiment Gone Awry Blog.