Monday, August 18, 2008

M comes too and other adventure plans

We have been wanting M to come along with us for a while and she finally went out on a long walk. J was a little crazy though. The weather was hot and as it turns out the walk to this Cache was a lot longer than expected.
We started out with a short drive to Glastonbury and found the access trail into the land preserve. There are lots of great trails back here we are going to have to come back sometime when the weather is a little better for wandering.
We first tried to find the Yorah Tree spirit cache but after long search it was a DNF. We have since learned that it was moved a little and burried under duff. Thank You TofuTeam, we will have to go back for this one. The tree is really neat.
Back to the Cache. We were on the hunt for the Ruby Ridge Cache. I wish that we had brought a Geologist with us since the description says we could see rubies in the rocks, we didn't see any :-( It seemed that however far we walked the cache was always 500+ meters away. We seemed to be circling this cache. We did get to trapse through some streams though.
The cache could almost be seen in this picture except that we are in the way.Thanks for the Cache O2agrv8u. We had fun but you can tell by how far our tongues are hanging out it was a hot day. We almost had to pull M home as her boots were giving her blisters and she was very tired.

Bigger Adventures:
M and J were going to be heading over sees but not without bringing a little bit of us with them. We had been hunting around with J for over a month now finding caches and we wanted some foreign action. Before we left we assembled some Travel bugs to bring with us. Here they are:

First is our travel bug. The Caching_PWDs Vicarious Vacation. We want to see the world but it isn't so easy for us to travel over seas. This Travel bug has a simple mission and a more complex one. First see the world. But who doesn't want to do that. Second since SASE is from Sweden. Visit her home! The next two travel bugs are ones taht we picked up along our previous journeys.
The PR bear is a little teddy bear with the Puerto Rican Flag on it. It was especially cute since a little girl placed it and wants it to travel the world and send plenty of pictures. (We need to send her some more!). We new that this oversea journey was going to happen so we thought we should help this Travel Bug on it's way for the Young girl.Marty the Party Animal was our first Travel bug find we snatched it up fast and held onto it for way to long before we sent it on it's way. Marty has already been on quite a journey after it started in New Zealand.

We are going to update our foreign caches soon even though we could only be there in spirit. Thanks for Reading and if you want to learn more about the M and J's overseas trip check the Experiment Gone Awry Blog.

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