Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Days of Caching...Computer in the Shop

The computer had to go into the shop for a few days this is why we didn't update sooner after our caching adventures! This will get you all up to speed on what we have been doing when not at home and helping with the vegetable garden. We didn't let no computer get in the way of our caching adventures. The only thing that has slowed us down in the weather. Mostly heat and humidity. (We have long hair don't blame us we look good in it.) Not to be put off we had already downloaded some extra caches to find before the computer went into the shop.

Cache 1: James

This was a really nice walk on a trail that we had never been on before. Here we are at the Trail head. What is that bright red dot on the tree. We are going to have to go look at that again.The trail followed the Hockanum river but we weren't allowed to go in because the bottom was mucky in all of the slow moving sections. We are not sure that we will go back to this section of trail in the summer again because we found 3 ticks on us when we returned. How many does that mean we didn't find?
Beware this next picture is a Spoiler if you can't find the cache from this one than you don't have your eyes open.
Here we are right next to the cache. The rock pile hint should have been a give away but because of the bounce that we have experienced in the past we were looking at every pile of rocks that were between any trees no matter how far apart. We did eventually find our prize.Time for the trip home. We did see a deer in the woods but started barking at it instead of taking a picture. Oh well. Thanks for the Cache Katydid and Miles Stone.

Cache 2: Tim and Pete's Excellent Adventure Part 2
We have always liked the Vernon rails to trails they are a nice easy walk and because they have nice shady trees over them they are cooler in the summer. If you haven't read past blogs look back at the previous post "A long walk with a sidetrack and surprise" posted on Monday July 7th. Again thanks Tim and Pete for what you did.
We totally missed taking a picture of the first post on the Manchester Branch of the trail because we didn't see it. We were looking at the road and the garden we didn't see the trail post. When we came back there were too many Muggles around and we thought it would be weird to take a picture of a post with them around.
Here we are a little less than 2 miles into the walk at the end post. Time to go home !

Cache 3: Cache Across America Connecticut
Our First Multi Cache?
We couldn't stop there. We came back to the Depot trail pavillion and thought why not take another shot at the Cache Across America Multi that was supposed to start here. We took a little side track off of the main trail. It almost looked like a trail.
We looked around a whole bunch because we weren't sure what we were looking for at stage one of this multi. There were lots of rocks in the area to look around, behind and under. We found it this picture should be a pretty good indicator of the location. What a good picture this is! We look great! Tongues hangin out and all!
We wondered if this is really what all multi-caches are like. We were expecting only to find the first clue today and then come back another day to finish off this adventure. But we were pleasently surprised to finished this Cache when we did!

This Cache got us thinking about our next great adventure. This summer we are going to vicariously travel to Europe. We won't be welcome on the plane and it would be difficult to get us there for only 2 weeks! But we have been promised to be well represented by Josh and Marika while they are away.
But NEXT SUMMER! We thought that we could start on a big push to find all of the Cache Across America caches. We figure that it could take a few years but we better get on it if we want to find them all. From looking at the Geocaching site no one has found them all or found the Series Final. We thought we could get a big start and get 16 in one summer by driving across country and then up to Alaska! It would be our own Excellent Adventure. We could make a couple of summers out of it. Nice long road trips seeing new places smelling new smells! It would be Excellent. We are going to have to keep on working on Marika to make it happen. At Anyrate thanks for placing the Cache Across America so close to us in Vernon. TFTC Heckle and Daddy's Girl.

Cache 4: Tennis Enyone? (TE)

We thought on this hot day that it would be good to take a walk up the hill to where Josh works! We loved the name of this cache and figured that it would be a quick find.
The day was a little hotter than we planned on but the Cache was a quick, and fun one. There really was limited chance of exposure to students for two reasons. First it is summer there aren't many around anyways but The cache is also more located in the Orchard.
Here we are under the peach tree that marks the easiest place to find this cache. We wondered if we should take a peach they looked so good. They probably aren't ripe yet and we don't know who is responsible for this orchard.TFTC Jaspercacher.
This is the first cache we got to leave our calling card in! They just arrived in the mail!

Too all that have found this site and the loyal followers please come back to follow all of the adventure of these two parti girls. Happy Huntin' Maybe we will start finding some good dog treats in these caches!

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