Sunday, June 29, 2008

3 in one day!

We obviously are new to this GeoCaching thing, because even in the written logs there are messages from people saying that they have found 5 or more caches that day. But we are Newbies and we are pleased that we found 3 in one day and it only took us about 2.5 hours. We loved the walking but started to get hot by the end of this adventure. We are going to rest well when we get home.
Here is the story of today's adventures.

Cache 1: Dobson Road Bridge Dam
We started out on a new trail that we have never explored before. It starts at a little dirt turn off on the left immediately after the bridge on Dobson street crosses 84. This is a really nice trail area. We will have to go back next time when we don't have a mission to find more caches and explore the rest of the trail. The Bounce was a little bit of trouble but not bad. We have learn to go with our instincts more and also to allow the GPS to settle on a direction and location.Here we are right next two our first cache of the day and our Third Cache overall. We don't look that tired yet but we were getting there. We had to pause for a few moments to bark at a passer by. We try not to show any muggles what we are doing but we sometimes can't help ourselves.
We found 2 travel bugs today the First is the PR Bear. Placed their by a 5 year old girl. SASE says sorry if there is a little drool on the Bear. She was kissing it good bye and wishing it well on it's journey. It turns out this Travel Bug had only been there a few days and that this was the beginning of it's journey. We might try to get this one back and bring it to Austria with us later because of the Cute little girls that left it here.
The second was called CritterBug
This travel bug was also there it has been around a while and started in Nevada. The travel bugs are a really cool idea. We are going to place some of our own in Austria and England this summer.
We were sad to leave this area without getting to go for a swim but we didn't want to get the car wet as we set off for our next cache.
Cache 2: Vernon Depot Rail Trail
Next we headed off on the Vernon Rails to Trails at the Church street parking area. This is a really nice place to walk we get really excited when we are brought here to explore. We are going to have to include a picture of this place sometime because we have started there twice now to find our caches.
This cache had a clue in the description we thought would make it really easy to find. But alas there was no bright orange marking on this rock that we could see. The cache was really easy to find and we were not the first ones that had paid it a visit today.
We are beginning to get hot and want some water but we will persevere. This picture not only gives you a big clue but also shows off our really cool leash that we walk on. We probably could wander free but... rules are rules. Vist to learn more about our leash. Our owner really likes them and promised to pass the good word around for this little company out in California that makes a great custom product but has been working hard to keep their head above water.
But back to the caches.

Cache 3: Curious George
This cache was named by a person name G. I assume that this is the first initial of a little girl based on the description of the Cache. We walked right to this one but looked around a little before we found it.
Notice the tongues we are getting really steamy. If it wasn't for this long hair we would probably be fine. But we love our fancy haircuts.
Here we are still looking around.
The obvious tree behind us should have been a really quick give away but we were in the middle of a forest.
We also got to see a neat little spring right near this cache. It was a little dirty though, so we didn't get to go swimming in this either.
This frog didn't see us comingThis one spotted us early and was watching us the whole time from a safe spot in the water.
We had a really great time geocaching today. TFTCs WideGlide, DigitalDiarist, and Westy13. A special thanks to the little girl who placed PR bear. If it is still around in a week we will go snatch and travel it to Austria with us. 257 Roberts the Critterbug is till traveling around.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Second Cache

We headed off for a nice walk on the Vernon Rails to Trails. This is one of our favorite walks. The spread for several miles. Before we left we added several Caches, that we thought would be on the Vernon Rail to Trail, to our GPS. The first few we decided we didn't have time for as they were multi caches or involved a long walk to the "end" of the trail. Then we forgot to stop and look for one of them and decided to look on the way back.
We finally locked onto a Cache we thought would be a good one for our second trip out. This was located in Valley Falls along the Yellow trail. This was a great choice since we got to wade through a few streams. Once we finally located the very approximate location of the cache near one of the bridges on the yellow trail we started to narrow down the location of this cache. We had to use the hints and the log a bunch of times to see if that would really help us. They were helpful but the real challenge was the GPS bounce as a result of dense leaf cover and the fact that we were located in a Valley. We should have trusted the direction the GPS mostly wanted to send us in more. And that we had to cross not only one stream but two (the second one being really small). Then wander up a hill.
Here were are proudly sitting in front of our second Cache:
We also found a cache of a different sort. No GPS required just looking at what is going on around us. This is an Ornate Box Turtle. We scared it a little because we had to wait until he stuck his head back out of his shell to get the picture.
Thanks for the Cache Michaud Gang And a special thanks to Marty the Party Animal! We hope to place this travel bug someplace special since it was our first ever found.