Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Second Cache

We headed off for a nice walk on the Vernon Rails to Trails. This is one of our favorite walks. The spread for several miles. Before we left we added several Caches, that we thought would be on the Vernon Rail to Trail, to our GPS. The first few we decided we didn't have time for as they were multi caches or involved a long walk to the "end" of the trail. Then we forgot to stop and look for one of them and decided to look on the way back.
We finally locked onto a Cache we thought would be a good one for our second trip out. This was located in Valley Falls along the Yellow trail. This was a great choice since we got to wade through a few streams. Once we finally located the very approximate location of the cache near one of the bridges on the yellow trail we started to narrow down the location of this cache. We had to use the hints and the log a bunch of times to see if that would really help us. They were helpful but the real challenge was the GPS bounce as a result of dense leaf cover and the fact that we were located in a Valley. We should have trusted the direction the GPS mostly wanted to send us in more. And that we had to cross not only one stream but two (the second one being really small). Then wander up a hill.
Here were are proudly sitting in front of our second Cache:
We also found a cache of a different sort. No GPS required just looking at what is going on around us. This is an Ornate Box Turtle. We scared it a little because we had to wait until he stuck his head back out of his shell to get the picture.
Thanks for the Cache Michaud Gang And a special thanks to Marty the Party Animal! We hope to place this travel bug someplace special since it was our first ever found.

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