Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Day of summer...Time for Hybernation.

No we don't let summer ending end our out door fun. But J does go back to school and that means less time to wander and adventure. This post will be about two caches. The second foreign cache found in Vienna and the recent cache Hybernation. I know the Hybernation is spelled wrong it wasn't me that is what the person called it.
J had his first day of work for the 2008-2009 school year on Monday and felt guilty about leaving us inside all day so thought he would come home and bring us out for one easy cache. Hybernation was a nice walk along the Blue and Orange trails on the westside of the Vernon Rails to Trails Near Valley falls park. We found this trail about a year ago in the winter and when we saw all of the mountain laurels we thought we need to make sure we come back in the spring when the Mountain Laurels are in bloom. We still havent been there for that but will need to go back in Spring of 2009.
The Cache certainly would be deceiving if you were to try to get to it from the Vernon Rail to Trails directly. The steep climb is what turned us off when we walked by before. The Blue Trail is the way to go. We wandered a little and didn't find any water; there were a couple of places that were almost caves! Here we are in-front of the "cave" that held this cache:Cora was hoping for some treats

Caching in Vienna!
Oh if we could have been in Europe... J, M and J's sister took the train into Vienna front Villach near where the stayed. The Cool thing about Austria is they love dogs almost as much as England. It seems that Europe in general loves their dogs. We actually could have riden the train with them. No restrictions saying dogs over 10 pounds have to be in crates. Here is a pictures the collie was waiting to get on the train...
and Jand M tell us that there was a dog "loose" on the train. They finally got into Vienna after a 4 hour ride through the Austrian countryside. Unfortunately they did not see many dogs in Vienna and we probably wouldn't have been allowed in the art museums or Opera Houses.
But J and M did find a cache next too this statue on the outside of Burg Theatre.
We learned that this cache disapeared less than a week after we found it. Oh well. There will be more stories to come.
Thanks for reading.

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Min said...

J - so jealous of your trip - looked awesome! Responding to your comment on the dog "spa" - this has been a wonderful investment! We're landscaping around it now. The dogs love it and now when they swim in the pond or just get muddy paws, we can wash off the dirt and stink! I highly recommend the tub and the concept! Have a good year at school - party's over :(