Friday, August 22, 2008

First Foreign Cache

We couldn't be there ":-( except in spirit as J and his sister found our first foreign cache. It was actually a really easy find. J's sister knew what wooden bridge was being referred to and led J and M right too it.
Here is J's sister at the cache. Even though it was a micro we managed to leave a couple calling cards. Hope someone out there is reading about our adventures!
After finding the cache they went on a 16 mile bike ride. It was exhausting because there were two choice up or downhill. The down was fine but everytime they went down they had to come back up. The bike ride was a good way to take in the Austrian countryside but not a good way to take pics though.
Enjoy and TFTC Rockmountain! We will be updating in the future with our other foreign caches.

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j.rages said...

I've enjoyed reading about your adventures. Your blog is fun to read. Little jc.rages was excited to see the adventures PR Bear is starting to have. And she thanks you for the adventure and the pics! Maybe we will run into you on the trail someday! I'll see about throwing a few doggy treats in our pack... just in case. ~j.rages